94 Episode 19 – Singularity (2)

In the world of Ways of Survival, the constellation were divided into two types. One type were the free constellations that didn't belong anywhere. The second type were constellations belonging to a particular nebula.

[A trivial human dares to threaten the great stars?]

I swallowed my saliva in front of that furious momentum. There were several famous nebulae based on the myths of Earth.

There was Asgard from Nordic mythology and Eden from the apocalypse type mythology. Then there was the equally famous Olympus in front of me.

I told them, "…Pick a form. I'm not a devotee."

Yoo Sangah's expression changed. The constellations that suddenly descended looked a bit embarrassed but I kept talking.

"The probabilities in the beginning scenarios will never allow access to the gods of Olympus. Isn't that right?"



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