43 Episode 10 – Future War (1)

[Main Scenario #3 – Emergency Defense has ended.]

[You have obtained 1,000 coins as compensation.]

The main scenario, which was supposed to begin only after the sun had risen, actually started less than 10 minutes after the third main scenario was over.

[The fourth main scenario is about to begin!]

Damn, how long had it been since the third scenario ended…

I went straight to Lee Jihye.

"You take Yoo Jonghyuk."

"…Can I do that?"

"You can't go downstairs now anyway. It will be a problem for when he wakes up."

Lee Jihye nodded as she looked at Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Please inform me when he wakes up. I want to give him another hit in the back."

I headed downstairs with Jung Heewon. I carried Lee Gilyoung, who had completely fallen asleep after the meteor shower.

The dungeon disappeared and it turned into an ordinary theatre. The items in the rewards room on the 5th floor were turned into ordinary stage props. It was as if everything that happened yesterday was a dream.

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