1 Where it all started

From the time reality was there i was too or at least that's what i thought after regaining consciousness at that time i saw the thing that started all of this that started to create a bright flash blinding me of my soul sight i saw it release all of its energy to do some thing that was meant to be done.I started absorbing this energy into my soul unconsciously which i later called as energy of the Order for defines order in this space.

I didn't remember how long it had been since the energy started expanding the space before my eyes and it was still continue to grow.I had nothing to do and had no purpose in this space.I started to question my origin from where did i came to be and after that i thought the only way to answer my question would be to understand the energy of order that i absorbed earlier and thus began the experimentation of this energy.

First i thought i need to have a way to know how long have i been here. Therefore i created the law of time I envisioned it to be a manifestation of order that restricts the length of the space expanding before me and measures it to tell me how long had it been since it started.

Seeing the nothingness around me completely shrouded in darkness i thought may be it should be bright like myself so i used my energy to create another law called as the law of light I envisioned it as the brightness that covers all over my spiritual senses until the end of this space and increase with the law of time.Suddenly it was too bright and so in envisioned a law completely opposite to light and name it the law of darkness.

This led to war for energy of order between the two laws seeing this as an opportunity to understand this energy of order better ,i let them fight and observe from the sidelines.It took a billions of year before i started losing interest when both the laws realised that the cannot win against each other as i created them to be opposite of each other,then darkness proposed to create a lower law with her own powers called the law of gravity light being the noble one wanted to end this fight and readily agreed which resulted in him being constricted with small orbs of light throughout the universe while darkness prevails again as a punishment for his mischievous acts i restricted its power a little bit and let that little energy called gravitation remain.

From this i understood two things Laws can make lesser energies to maintain order in space and also have a thirst for the law of orders.After obtaining this knowledge i started to feel that the energy of order itself is chaotic as it has no nature and its like a blank sheet of paper and with this i entered the state of enlightenment I gave only one order to the laws to not destroy each other at any costs.I didn't know at that time that i will be going for a long slumber in order to understand this new found wisdom.

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