10 chapter 10

"mom, when is dad coming?",little Negus asked his mother.

"he will be here soon.", said Lyla to her son.

Little Negus was very much eager to meet his father. His father promised to take him to see the sea.Once a month the family always find time to go to beach. Little Negus loves the sea. Mr.Felix loves his son very much and he does everything that he can do to make his son happy.

"negus, be patience. your dad will be on his way", said Lyla while watching her son who was looking eagerly through the window for his father's arrival.

"mom look its 4'o clock. why is he late.He told me that he would be here at this time.", said little negus while pointing at the clock which was hanging on the wall.

"oh my, negus look its not 4pm yet. who told you its 4' o clock. its only 3:50 pm, look.", Lyla said.

Lyla knew that a six year old boy was so much eager for his beach trip with the family.

"there is ten more minutes ", Lyla said to Negus and patted his head.

"ahaa...ten more minutes....ahm"signed Little Negus and went to sit down on the chair and wait for his dad.

"why is 10 minute look like so much time.",Little Negus hissed.

"Negus, why don't you do something meanwhile?", asked his mother Lyla.

"what to do its only ten minutes."said little negus.

"ha.. you are the one who told ten minutes look like many hours.Why don't you go and water the plants for ten minutes and that will help to cover up the time while waiting your dad.", suggested Lyla.

"but mom...mm mmm.. okay.", Little negus said. Negus didn't have any interest in gardening but his mother Lyla is very much interested in gardening.Negus didn't want his mother to be sad and always do as she told although he didn't want to do that.Lyla loves to plant and sometimes she also made negus to help her in gardening.

Negus goes to the garden area and started watering the plants.

"mom, why do you like gardening so much.", asked Little Negus.

"oh.., that..,"she hesitated at first, then continued.

"that my mom loves gardening and she teached me. she also gave me many tips for gardening."Lyla said with a smile on her face while she was in a deep thought.

"really, grandma loves gardening. but i didn't meet grandma. Mom when will i meet my grandparents?", asked Little Negus with his puppy eyes.

Her thought was broken by negus sudden question. The smile in her face vanished. Actually she doesn't know the answer herself that will she ever has a chance to meet her parents. Deep inside her heart she carries a secret that her husband and son doesn't know. She really misses her parents. Lyla knew that even if she went back, they won't accept her. She believes that what she does has brings a shame on her family and that's why she ran away leaving everything she had behind and started a new life with her husband. She is happy now with what she has but still she holds a wish to meet her parents again before her end.

"mom, when will i going to meet them?", Negus repeated his question.

"oh, Negus they are really busy people and i don't want to make any trouble for them.", Lyla replied.She didn't want to make her son suspicious about her parents absence, so she cover up with a lie.

"why, they don't have any time to spare for their grandchild.", Negus was pissed. He wishes to meet his grandparents.Negus never met his grandparents neither from his father's side nor his mother's side.His dad was an orphan, and he knew that he has only grandparents from his mother's side. So he really wish to know what would it be to have grandparents.

Lyla couldn't answer that question. She want her parents to meet her son but her parents rejected her even before her son was born.

**"i know i made a choice but my choice was a mistake for my dad.... dad... what did i do?... after all this years.. still you can't forgive me?... Is my choice to have negus is a big mistake?....but dad i want you to know that I'm really happy to have him in my life. It's the best decision that i have ever made and I'm proud to have him. dad... mom...lee.. i miss you...."** Lyla thought. Tears falls from her eyes as she remembers about her family.

Little Negus noticed it. He immediately hug her and made an action to make her bend down towards him.Negus wiped the tear from her cheeks.

"mom don't cry, i don't need anyone. all i need is you and dad.", said Negus. He thought that his mother cry because of him that he insisted to meet her parents although he knew his grandparents are very busy.

"I will meet them when they are not busy. are you happy now.", Little Negus added.

Lyla looked her son. He doesn't have a clue for her tears but she knew that Negus was a innocent kid. She hugged her son tightly.

"yes, i will take you to them when they are not busy.", Lyla said to her son while hugging.

"okay", negus replied.

"NEGUS, my son.",yelled Felix.

Negus looked to direction where the sound came and saw his father coming. His face lit up.

"DAD", Little Negus shouted and run towards his father.Felix lift him up.

"dad, now we can go to beach", shouted Negus.

"okay.. okay", said Mr. Felix.

"hurray.... beach.. beach... beach.."., little negus yelled by lifting his both hands up. He was so much excited for the family beach trip.

Negus loved to play in the beach. His father buys him ice creams. Mr.Felix also help him to made sand castle.

"dad i want to live in castle.", Little Negus told his father while making a castle at the sea shore.

"ohh castle.. why do you want to live in a castle?", Felix asked back in order to know what made negus like that.

"that... that... the story you read me will always ends in castle. You said both of them lived happily ever after in a castle.i.. i.. want mom, dad and me to live in a castle. we wil be happy for ever.", Little Negus replied innocently.

"oh, the story about the Prince and Princess.", Felix said.

"yeah.. that story.", Negus signed.

"Negus, look at me", Felix made negus to look at him.

"negus, castle can't bring you happy. Doing what you like and loving each other will make your life happy. I don't know if you are getting what I'm saying, but oneday you will know what will make oneself happy."explained his Father.

"what?", Negus didn't understand anything.

"oh, just wait. Time will show you the happiness. You just follow what your heart says and do whatever pleases you. but remember to use your brain sometimes too."Felix added. They played in the sea. Lyla watched them playing. She was very happy to see the way they get along.

They ate the food that Lyla brought and also enjoyed the sunset together.




That was the day Negus always wish to remember.

**"Time is really precious. We can't buy time even with money. Use it wisely."**, Negus remembered what his mother told.

"yes time is precious. i wish to have time back and have that moment with you... mom.. dad... i.. i.. really wish... hic... hic... mm.. hic...", Negus covered his mouth and suppressed his cry. The punishment room's empty ness and the darkness makes his life even more darker.Its been one day in the punishment room.Bleeding has been stopped but the pain due to the kicks and beats is not gone. Negus can't see anything on his body due to the darkness inside the room and he was sure that bruises will be present in his whole body. He felt thirst.

But can't utter a word nor move his body due to pain. He lay down on the floor while just trying to remember his old days with his parents in order to suppress the pain with happy memories. He has a speacial talent to make his sad mind to happy mind by finding something that is beautiful.Today he found his old memories beautiful to make up his mind happy.









James went to his dad's chamber. When he entered , he saw his father talking in the phone.

"hello, yeah.. ok... I just need sometime... mmm", said Mr. Paul on the phone.

"Things are not right now. i can't bring him right away.... mm. i told you.. i need time..yeah.. i will assure you that... i won't give him to anyone rather than you... ok then deal..", Mr. Paul continued on the phone. suddenly he noticed James presence and immediately cut off the call.

"Didn't i told knock before you enter."Paul asked James.

"mm sorry dad", said James.

"dad, I just want negus. please let me have him", James pleaded.

"okay, but you say you will do anything for me, right?", asked Mr. Paul.

"oh yeah, i will do anything. Just i want Negus with me.",said James while wiping off the tears that formed on his face.

"I don't like alpha cry.",said Mr. Paul with steady voice.

"mm sorry dad, i won't cry. but don't abuse him anymore.I can't stand it.", replied James.

"Why?, he is just an omega, Omegas are alpha plaything.", Said Paul.

"No... But not with My mate.", James voice has stiffness while saying that Negus is his mate.

"MATE?", Paul was surprised. He didn't thought that the omega boy will be his son's mate.

"yes, he is my fated mate.", James replied.

**"Oh god, mate...Fated mate... why...Why that slut be my son's mate. Now what I'm gonna do?"**Paul thought to himself.

"dad you told me that i can have Negus, right?", asked James.

"let me think. you go out. i need sometime .", Said Paul.

"but dad, first let him out from that sh**room. He is not well i think. please dad, just let him out from that punishment room. it's my fault not his. please dad.",James pleaded again.

"okay, ask philip to unlock the room. but you must not go near him. remember if you disobeys, then that Omega's life will be entirely in that room.",Paul warned his son.

"okay dad, thanks.", said James and went out to find Philip.James was felt relief after his dad let his mate to be out from the punishment room. Meanwhile Paul was in a deep thought in how to remove the omega from his son's life.Olivia came right after James left the chamber.









********************************"sir, everything is alright.", said the secretary.

"okay i will go there", said Lewis and went towards the underground area which is his special place for doing his own business illegally.

"did they say anything ", asked Lewis when he reached the underground.

"no sir", said the bodyguard.

"mmm okay, then let me have my own way to make them say.", said Lewis and went to the room where they kept the neighborhood family members. The kids have been kept in a separate room and the elders have kept in one room.

Lewis entered the elders room. He saw many sacred eyes looking at him. Lewis gives a smirk and continued.

"does anyone know anything about the members lived in that house before they moved out. I knew you all know something, tell me that,then i will let you guys free.",said Lewis.

"i told you i don't know anything about that... please let me go..", pleaded the lady.

"yes sir, we don't know about that ", supported a person from the neighborhood.

"i told you, we don't know anything.", said another person from the neighborhood.

"mm okay, if you are not gonna let me know the truth then one of you must end their life now. No we will end their life."warned Lewis.

"no, you can't do that, we are innocent, we don't know anything.", said a guy from the neighborhood.

"Guards take one of them to the other room and finish him off.", commanded Lewis to his bodyguards.

"okay sir", said his bodyguards and forced a person to another room. The person who was caught by the bodyguard was husband of the lady who answered at first that they don't know anything.

The lady screamed and also tried her best to make the bodyguard leave her husband. But the bodyguards were too strong. They dragged the person to other room.Lewis decided to leave.

"sir, please don't kill him,.. i.. i.. i don't know anything about the lady and her son who leaved in that house before. we are all innocent. spare our life. sir please.. please.", the lady cried hard.

suddenly Lewis turned around and faced that crying lady. He goes towards her.

"we didn't say specifically that the person that lived in that house was a lady. then how do you know,when you said all the time that you didn't know anything at all.", said Lewis in a cunning voice.

The Lady gulped. she turned backward and looked to the fellow neighborhood members. They all were in shock. All the neighborhood members expression were like 'you're not suppose to say that'.

Lewis gives an evil smile.



















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