194 Player Auction

"I am hoping if you can sell something for me?" Adrian stated.

"Can I see the item in question?" Piggy Bank replied with a happy face but it is actually the façade of a merchant.

"I think we should change locations if you want to see the item that I want to sell." Adrian said adding a mysterious element to his tone.

Piggy Bank raised his eyebrows as he did not know if this kid is serious or bluffing. Adrian is indeed right though as if it is an important item then you do not want other prying eyes to see it. This makes it seem that the item is much better than it seems but an acquaintance of the Evergreen guild must have some legitimacy so Piggy Bank decided to trust Adrian.

"Well then shall we move to the merchant guild? We can view the item there if it is so important. Hohoho." Piggy Bank stated with a happy laugh.

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