177 Letting off Steam

The group kept on observing the lich that funny enough not attacking them. The lich is actually just standing on the middle section of the stairs and not even looking towards them. The lich is like a statue that is facing the exit. Creepysoo immediately identified the monster before them.

Monster: Frost Lich

Level: 105

HP: 750,000 / 750,000

MP: 1,000,000 / 1,000,000

Description: A lich transformed into a Frost Lich by an unknown energy. Besides being able to raise the undead, it could also wield ice attribute spells with great accuracy and power. Adventurers should never fight them in their own domain unless they are confident in defeating it. It omits a frost aura around it that can freeze those near it if exposed for too long.

"Thankfully, it is not a named monster. It is just a Frost Lich." Creepysoo stated in the party chat in order to not alert the Frost Lich to their arrival.

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