195 Increasing Prices?

"VIP Room No. 7 has bid 100 gold coins for the Red Gem. Is there no one going to bid higher? Going once…Going Twice…Going Thrice…Sold to VIP Room No. 7!" Mei announced.

The people on the stands though are pissed off because it is clear that the person in VIP Room No. 7 just wanted to flex their money. Although 100 gold might not be much, there is still a possibility you might get outbid by 100 gold for a really great item. They all thought that 100 gold for an item just to warm you up is not worth the price.

They are also outrage as this VIP might just raise the prices voluntarily. Some even voiced their displeasure but Adrian did not pay attention to it. All he needs to know is that he secured the stone that can increase his fire resistance. Those in the room with Adrian though were looking at him with shock and wonder.

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