183 Aspect of Death

"Soul Recall" Adrian stated and his mana was whisked away from his body.

A gate like that of the one he saw in limbo appeared but this one has spikes protruding from it. The gate is pouring out this thick death energy that made even the undead feel fear from their bones. Even the living had their skin crawl when they felt the energy from the gate.

[Your Luck stat has affected your skill summoning.]

[A higher order being will be summoned but its power will be limited by your level.]

These were the notification showing on Adrian's vision yet the summoned creature has yet to surface. It has been a minute and nothing happened.

"Ahaha! It seems that intense energy was just a fluke!" The snow woman shouted as she cast Frost Wave.

"It seems that your skill failed. Do you have a skill that can block that avalanche coming our way?" Solstice asked.


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