Omega's Rebirth

Author: JHeart
Fantasy Romance
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What is Omega's Rebirth

Read Omega's Rebirth novel written by the author JHeart on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, magic, weaktostrong, werewolf, dragon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


What was worse than death itself? Well it was dying knowing that no one would miss you, knowing that your death was a favour to everyone you ever knew. This was exactly how I felt the day I died. I was the love child of the Eclipse Alpha King, in a time where the mate bond was considered sacred, a child born out of wedlock was nothing short of sacrilegious... 'It was his fault, he loved someone other than his mate...' 'It was his fault, he had carnal knowledge of a human woman.' 'It was all his fault, my only crime was being born out of his lust.' But why was that Alpha King father of mine perfectly safe, while I was hated, scorned and blamed for everything instead? Why did I have to be my father's bargaining chip, used to achieve his goals? Why could I not get a rejection like everyone else but was instead murdered by my own mate? Why was I killed before I even had a chance to live? I had a thousand questions and yet there was no one to answer and this was exactly how I died... So why then did my eyes flutter open to that day, a month before my death? Was it because of my little secret? A secret I will tell no one else but you... From the title of my tale, you must think I am an omega wolf... No, you got it wrong... I am not an Omega wolf, I am an Alpha wolf and my name is Omega. ~Second Book in the Werewolf Rebirth Series. *Not a prequel or sequel to 'The Alpha King's Nemesis', both books are not related save for the world setting and Werewolf Rebirth concept. *Cover art sourced from the internet, all credits to the original artist.*

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Volume 2 :A Broken World

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This is a gem!!!! A must-read makes you fall in love with the characters, and you can't stop reading!


I have been reading this book for a while now and I don't usually go for reviews until and unless a story truly captivates me. So to state it simple, I am Amazed and Hooked!!! I first got interested by its name then its story. Though I was apprehensive at first, I am glad I didn't miss this gem! Whosoever is reading this give this novel a try, it's truly worth it. I am still waiting for moreeeee!!!


5 stars for this gem of a story that im so glad I accidentally stumbled upon!! I really like the authors writing style. The storyline is gripping, keeping the readers engrossed completely and hungry for more. Kerp up the great work dear author!!


Best novel I have ever read from this app as well as other novel apps. This should be a published book some day. I wait everyday for more chapters.


Love this story 😍. Just want to ask the author is it reverse harem or has 1 male lead?


Book started off really well but the plot is aimless now. Female lead is strong but not smart. She is helpless


Again, have readers gone far into the books and can confirm that is is a romance or not? I have read over 100 chapters paid mostly with coins and I just don’t feel the romance and I can’t even tell who the ML is. Also, Alessio seems to be her half-brother, not her step-brother. These are two different distinctions. Coins in WebNovel is expensive and I want to use it for books in my genre, which happens to be romance. Not that I want all the details at once in a novel but clear distinctions of who the main leads would be nice. I know the FL lead will be going on adventures to find herself, but will she return to her ML?


I'm not so good with words, so I'll just say that I really like your story and I love FL she is really strong, this is a sad story but I would like a happy ending. Thank you so much for sharing such a good story ❤️, I'll be eagerly waiting for updates 😘.


This is one of those hidden gems you got to read it [img=recommend][img=recommend]


I have never written a review for a book before and that is because I have not read one that I have absolutely loved before. the story and flow of this novel is amazing. I get excited to read more and more.


This is a must read!!! Everything about this book is amazing. The plot, characters, and tdevelopment. There’s a perfect balance between romance and the actual plot. Love the authors writing style. You can actually feel the characters’ pain and angst. They give just enough background information. I have standards after reading this and it’s SOO hard for me to find another book to read that meets my standards now.


One of the best books I have read on here for sure I love how it swaps from point of views so it’s not just stuck on one person that’s the best thing about the writer!


i really love this novel, I am obsessed with it.


why can't this be in free? huhu im waiting 🤧 can't help it when I'm poor 😭😭


Wow I am so into this book. The storyline is so sad. I am liking her strength and know she will overcome. Can’t wait to see how they will will all get what is coming to them. The dragons interesting.


This novel has pulled at my heart and emotions. If you’re someone who loves being drawn in and emotionally entangled then this novel is for you. It does NOT disappoint.


Wonderful, I loved it so much. I hope everyone reads it♥️♥️♥️


Reveal spoiler


I love that I can read the other reviews and see how much I agree with them. This is an amazing book and the way it pulls you into the characters life and makes you feel like your actually there is breath taking. And the way the relationships leave you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens leaves me craving more. Your doing an amazing job dear author and I can’t wait to read more. Please keep up the good work. (P.s I love there’s more than 10 chaps per week😍)


This book is truly amazing, at first what attracted me was the title, bold, glaring I just couldn't move away, it just drew me in. Then speak of the design cover, it makes sense and really fits the name of the story. And then when I started reading the book, it was 🔥. The book is soo addictive and then I'm glad that I didn't pass when I saw it. Good job author 👏


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