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What is Olivia Milan - A Bad Girl Story

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Olivia Milan... She is classy, bad, ruthless and sophisticated... But naive in the emotional world, stranger to the feeling of love, can't differentiate between like and love... Doesn't even know what that is... This is her story, Sneak peak: She is 7. She was born a sadist. That's just who she is. She is a child no one wants to get anywhere close to. She is the kid all the other kids hate yet are too scared to do anything to her. She has the most bizarre family out there. She has been called fatherless but that didn't annoy her. On the contrary, she was all the more happy when those same people would somehow get hurt. And that 'she' is just who I am – the dreaded Olivia Milan I am happy when I see them feel pain. I am hated by all but that's par for the course, since I also hate everyone else. I have never cared for their well-being and that is why I am seen in such a hostile way. I always exact revenge, sooner or later and most often even both. I know that life is bullshit. I receive all this hate, but truth be told... I like it. I am merely getting attention after all. ***** Now her life is about to go to a stage she would never have thought she would reach. When emotions that 'aren't hers' come at her at a fast pace, barreling her and confusing her to the stage of no return... What would she do? Would she change herself to fit into the emotions or would she....? **ALERT** It's gonna be fun ride, trust me... kinda rollercoaster but fun all the way Note: This story is a pure work of fiction and has a tendency ti have slight errors. Kindly gice constructive criticism where and when needed. And also this story has only one main character and as we know without a subordinate character there is no main so therefore there would be an occasional change in point of view (POV). This is done like that so that reader would understand the story better and I hope you do so. I know I'm being shameless butthis is the part where I ask for your support. Kindly like, vote, comment and most importantly, add to your library. You may choose to do one or two of those but kindly try to do all. Lots of love from me.. You guys could listen to Little Mix's WASABI, I feel like it goes with this novel ;)


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The first chapter lays out an interesting character. And the pacing is alright. I think the author could write her characters' description into the story instead of outright telling the reader. I like the foreshadow of the drama that'll rise up later in the second chapter when they're deciding schools. All in all, a great story that I can see going far. Please keep up the writing.


I like how the character's traits are instantly developed, but I feel like that worked as a double-edged sword too. While pushing her arrogance to the extreme opens ton of room for character development throughout the story, it made it hard to read at the start because of how toxic her whole vibe was, at least in my opinion. Good work though, keep it up!


It certainly gets your interest from the get go. what I enjoy most about the character is that, despite the extremity of her flaws, she just accepts them and rolls with it. Nice job, author!


the story and plot are amazing, I like the way how the story flows and how it explains the parts but few things were spoiling the story like - punctuation marks were breaking few moments, the continuous use of a word in a single sentence (ex-i and she) that what I could point out if you fix these issues you'll rock it, good luck author you're doing awesome!


Haha so far liking the MC’s character (Is it bad that I relate? XD) Story does have potential. Looking forward to seeing how this will develop


I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on because of the grammar and stuff. The flow of the story is still good and fast-paced though, so that's the good point. First time reading a female POV novel, so let's go and embark on a new journey.


I find the main character really entertaining. Same goes with the dialogues. The descriptive part needs more though, but over all its a good read. Good luck for the rest of the story


The story is fast paced and very interested.. I'm hooked from the moment I knew it's a narration from a bad girl MC POV 🤩 The MC is so strong and brave, I lovvve her 💗 and the narration is super cool and funny... hope everyone can give this story a try !! Cheers!


God this character!! can't relate more XD I mean wow! the way It is described is amazing. The introduction can look a bit lengthy but wait till you dive into the story!!!


This is just a first chapter and I can see that she is still a firm bad girl even if she grows up, in a good way of course. I would like to see more of this progress you made!


What a good start for a novel. A novel which is focused to a bad girl since her childhood. You had a cool FMC plus she's a beauty. Good luck and keep on writing!


CH 10 - The story is very well written and the characters are very life-like, sometimes I even put my self in the MC shoes. t And beware, there is a good turn in the story by chapter 10. (but i can say here, shhhhh, cant spolier ) Keep up the good work author!!!


Great depiction, interesting plotline and well written character, I recommend everyone to give it a shot. Good going author. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


Very interesting bad girl story. A refreshing change from all the good girl heroine stories out there! I enjoyed reading the novel. If you're thinking of trying this novel out, you should! Give it a go :)


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