2 1 first god

The first old guy name Thunder there was a old guy but not many people know is how he was born he was born from nothing he was the very first guy born from lightning he was born on lightening it's first children were chaos andAnd creation those were his first children and is it is chaos want it to be the one and only true God so he created a plan which day all by himself his sister did not want to take their father down so she stuck by her father to help him Spanish her brother to the pit of ignore ignore was there uncle he was the king and so ruler of the nether room he was evil corrupt but on the other hand he had and they were two there's another brother he was the ruler of the sea and all of the animals and there was one more brother brother that controlled the earth he was the youngest of all of his brothers but he was the most powerful of them all so that's why no one ever dared to challenge him