1 Randez Vous

Lucas's Pov :

I looked as the cars kept going in and out that parking lot. The same parking lot where I had my first fight, the same parking lot where I used to drink liquor in secret as a child. I guess I should've never left town when I have many memories in it. But I guess my foster parents left me no choice by stuffing their nose in everything I do.

I actually never considered them as my parents... I never had parents, it's only me and my loud head. But they seem to consider themselves as my parents. Anyway I didn't want to disturb myself with them that night, I already had enough going on like meeting my best friends for the first time in three years.

But what good could come out of that? They're just going to tell me how they succeeded in their lives and remind me that I'm still the same irresponsible person that I was in high school.

Here comes James! The brightest mind I can think about, the boy can invent a space machine, clearly a parents dream which secures for him all he asks for to the point where I envy him.

"three long years" said James "the day you left feels like yesterday"

"well I'm here now... Where's Jessy?" I said.

Jessy is my first friend ever, we've been friends as long as I can remember, and he seems to be the only person on earth who doesn't judge me by my actions.

"Jessy is on his way" replied James "let's enter that bar and chill till he comes"

We sat in the bar for minutes before Jessy came, and then I saw him coming our way, just a little different than I remember.

"Jessy! That can't be you"

"can't believe that the famous Lucas is finally in town"

We laughed together and sat in the bar for about an hour. Unlike what I thought they seemed disappointed with their lives and missing the past which made me a little proud that I didn't change much from how I was.

On our way home Jessy reminded me of a car I always said I'll buy when I grow up, which triggered the disappointment in me again because I barely pay my rent let alone buying a car. But with that disappointment came a crazy idea I intended to do immediately.

So I asked Jessy and James to wait for me near the beach where we used to hang out back then. I persuaded them that I have a surprise and went back to that parking lot and waited for what felt like an hour.

Finally a car from the same model mentioned by Jessy entered the lot. I watched as the driver went away into a bar across the street and hurried with opening the door and starting the car. Because even after three years of trying to be sober minded, stealing a car is a piece of cake for me.

I drove the car like a mad man along the streets on my way to show my friends a taste of the old days. The closer I got to them the faster I drove, planning to show them that I still got it. I saw a police car on the back mirror, Seems like he didn't notice me but he might. So I even drove faster.

At one moment I was just drowning in joy because of the feeling of being reckless again instead of reminiscing. I drowned so deep that I didn't notice a pedestrian walking in front of me. He was kissing the windshield before I even brake. By the time I stopped the police noticed the man dying in the ground.

I had better chance on foot than with a stolen car so I got out and ran into an ally. The police got only a sight of me but I can't leave the area because they'll be searching around and my friends are in the area, I can't afford the police questioning them because they'll do the math. So I hurried to the place of the meet where I found them sitting.

"man we've been here for hours where have you been?" said James.

"where's your surprise anyway?" said Jessy.

"I delayed the surprise for another day, because something came up and you need to come with me home" I said trying to get them to move.

"it's enough surprise that you wanna go home" said James with a laughter.

"I'll explain later now we need to go"

"why? It's been a long time since we sat here let's stay longer" said Jessy

Clearly I wasn't fast enough to get us out of the there as the police approached us. And as soon as my friends saw the police approaching they understood that I did something wrong and started walking.

The officer called us to stop after he suspected us.

"guys act normal and don't turn back like you didn't hear" I said.

James was frightened so after the officer called about three times he started running. I knew he was getting arrested like this so I tried to get the suspicions away from him by punching the officer. But seems like that only got the three of us arrested.

James kept staring at me the whole way to the department. I hated myself because of dragging them into my mess. But this wasn't the time for hate... It was the time to think. But unfortunately there was nothing I can do but watch my friend being accused of theft and murder.

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