1 The Saintess

The wind howled outside the window as the once-in-a-decade rainstorm enveloped the city.

Yin Xun's company had also issued a notice to work from home, but even so, the work was not much easier. Yin Xun finished a few contracts before rubbing her neck and lying on the sofa to take out her phone.

Her slender fingers idly swiped the screen. A pop-up window suddenly popped up—

"Si Fan held Yin Mo's delicate chin gently and said in a pleading voice, 'I'm really in love with you. Give me a chance to love you, okay?' Yin Mo's heart was pounding. Before she could answer, the man covered her lips with a passionate kiss, as if he was afraid she would say no…"

'Wow, that's mushy!' Yin Xun smiled. 'But I like it!'

She liked to read all kinds of sweet words sprinkled with sugar.

After all, as an employee, life was already hard enough. She needed the sweet love of others to heal her heart that had been squeezed dry by the capitalists!

Yin Xun hurriedly clicked on the novel link and began to read it in fascination.

More than an hour later, Yin Xun cursed angrily. "F*ck, this is a copycat scam!"

Yin Xun was so angry that her throat was burning. She drank a glass of cold water and endured the anger in her heart as she continued to read.

She did not expect to be fooled by this novel. This was not a sweet novel at all, but a wolf in sheep's clothing! It was so sad that it was unbearable!

In the novel, the female lead, Yin Mo, was a top-grade white lotus. The book described her as gentle, kind, and beautiful like an angel who had descended to the mortal world…

'Pah! What angel? This is the brainless Virgin Mary!'

The worst thing was that Yin Mo was a hopeless romantic.

The male lead of the novel, Si Fan, regarded the parents of the female lead, Yin Mo, as enemies because of the death of his biological parents. He schemed to hook up with Yin Mo. After falling in love with Yin Mo, he used all kinds of schemes to bankrupt the Yin family and put them in debt of three million bucks.

Bankruptcy alone was not enough. Si Fan also wanted the lives of Yin Mo's entire family. He had designed an accident that turned Yin Mo's father into a vegetable. Yin Mo's mother had to work three or four part-time jobs a day for the high medical fees.

Even so, the male lead did not let her off. He arranged for someone to lure Yin Mo's mother into a pyramid scheme. In the end, the police arrested the people from the pyramid scheme and Yin Mo's mother went to jail.

As for Yin Mo's brother, it was even worse. It had only been a month since Si Fan had tricked him into taking dangerous drugs. Yin Mo's brother was so thin that he was almost bone. He was delirious and no different from a lunatic.

As for Yin Mo, she was also deceived by the male lead through various means and was even imprisoned by him. As for domestic violence such as slapping and punching, it was common. He even had sex with other women in front of Yin Mo.

Do you think these can make Yin Mo angry and then hate the male lead deeply?


Not only did Yin Mo not hate the male lead, she even felt that he was kind-hearted. He was only doing these things because he was blinded by hatred. As for her, she needed to use kindness and love to reform him and save him!

As for the various vicious supporting characters who hurt, deceived, and humiliated Yin Mo, Yin Mo even expressed that it was fine. She could understand them. She could forgive them!

At this point, Yin Xun was almost breathless. If Yin Mo was standing in front of her now, she promised that she would give Yin Mo a resounding slap!

Yin Xun did not want to read anymore, but she had been reading for more than two hours. She flipped to the last two pages and quickly finished reading the ending.

The ending was also ridiculously shocking—

After all of Yin Mo's relatives were killed by Si Fan, the male protagonist suddenly realized that he had really fallen in love with Yin Mo, so he knelt in front of Yin Mo and begged her to forgive him.

As for Yin Mo, although she was also very sad and in pain after a series of melodramatic events like cancer, amnesia, changing her cornea, and getting pregnant, she felt that since the tragedy had already happened, the living should live well. In addition, the male lead had already woken up and repented. She should give him a chance to be a new person. Besides, she had always loved the male lead deeply.

Therefore, Yin Mo's final punishment for the male lead was to treat her and the baby well for the rest of his life. The male lead also promised affectionately that he would only love her for the rest of his life.

After watching the ending, Yin Xun's high blood pressure was almost gone. She held her forehead and took deep breaths.

"If I could get into a book, I'd slap you and make you sober. Love brain! Pui!"

As soon as he said that, a terrible thunder rumbled in the sky.

Yin Xun's soul seemed to suddenly leave her body, and she quickly lost consciousness.

… .

When she woke up again, Yin Xun was sitting in an airplane seat. The stewardess was gently asking if she needed help.

Yin Xun's face was extremely pale. After she woke up, many unfamiliar memories suddenly appeared in her mind. After receiving these memories, Yin Xun's expression turned even uglier!

She was really unlucky to have transmigrated into a book and become the biological sister of that female lead, Yin Mo!

Yin wanted to bang her head against the windowpane. She really regretted opening the novel.

She did not think she usually did anything bad. Why had God chosen her to be the heroine's family?

Yin Xun was Yin Mo's biological sister. Her family had sent her overseas to study when she was in high school. After graduating with two degrees this year, she chose to return to the country. She was now on the plane home.

After becoming Sister Yin Mo, not only was she in danger of being angered to death by Yin Mo, but she also had to face the revenge of that crazy male lead on the Yin family.

From the original book, apart from the female lead, no one in the Yin family had a good ending. Si Fan hated the Yin family to the core, so he naturally would not let them off.

Therefore, Yin Xun was in a very dangerous situation.

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