1 oh my destiny, were you take me

in everyones life no one know what happen in their future, no one know were decided their destiny, and no one know were will life take them, but everyone decide their future plans and some are like me didnt decide their future plans called directionless peoples and i am the second type of people as directionless , i am directionless becoz my family and relative are present to take my tention, on that day i wakeup let, i am always wakeup let, becoz its vecations

i wakeup at 9:00am and then go get to feed water to the plants and

then suddnly i look a sparrow and a pigeon talk into the human language sparrow ask pigeon while look at me; is she? but she didnt look like that ,and pigeon answer her; yes she is miss sparrow dont judge book by its cover. anyway, we have to go now

today is my 12th result at 1:00pm and i am blanck because i did difficult papers so in my mind many negative thoughts are coming, like if i fail, if i have low greads, etc... and my heart start beating fastlly, and now only 1 minute remain and i am completelly blancked because my greads decide my future, i cant hear any sound and then finally its get 1:00pm and a cold wave goes from body and i click on button and look down for result and i am shocked

oh my god i get good greads and

then suddnly a femous collage email showed on my phone screen i look at and told about email to my familiy then bro said

bro : its good dad if she get good collage then she get good job also, so if she getting chance then we dont have to stop her. but here they give a condition also no one come from out for collage lecture everyone gives a room in hostel; means she have to stay there

they ask me did you that, i look at there face (in my thoughts ; i think they didnt ask me they told me)

i said yes i will, i will stey there

then next day we get into the collage with my bro to take admission, wow collage os so big i love it, bro now i am coming sometime to see you panda(yes my bro call me panda because i am faty girl, i am very cute but faty) whatever god make me like this and everyone just try to laugh but when i need them they come close to me, and i decide now i purple all i dont want to hurt anyone because people hurt me for physical conditions so i know very well how fill when hurt, but now i lurn to ignore all world and try to make all worlds smile.

now i take entry into collage my brother help me to take admission then we go to hostel to take look

and finally we get to my room and i try to open but suddnly door opened by someone from inside and she look at me , and get me in

i see into room there is five beds and four girls look at me

lisa : hi i am lisa and i think your fifth girl in room mates,

yes i am i think

well hi i am trupti

jisso : hi i am jisso nice to meet you dear trupti

ashwini : hi i am ashwini nice to meet you

shubhu : hi i am shubhu nice to meet you trupti,

lets come sit and they give me window side bed and then i introduce my brother with my room mates, then brother take leave from collage,

bro : bye panda see you later, difnt miss you

and then we come into hostel and take rest lisa order pizza and we eat it

next day we decide to see collage,

and we all get to collage and a teacher look at us they all run away but i grab jisso, that teacher come close to us

teacher1 : are you from that five choose?

i said no we are not choose we take admission into collage,

miss sparrow: okey i am miss snail and you two now part of this collage its your duty to keep clean your collage now you are come here so you start from today ,i said excuse me meam we come to look only collage qe will start from tommarow

🐌mam : i didnt ask you i told you now go get and come today at 12am to collage lecture

i am : okey,(then she take her leave, while look at us)

i am : how rude is she, i dont like teachers like this, lets clean and get go we clean it and run into hostel and sit on bed

i am : oh my god how rude she is, gays today at 12 am is our first lecture,

lisa : its a night collage?

jisso : i think also, and then we all eat and sleep becoz its night collage so we have to wake up


lisa : trupti wakeup, wake up lezy girl, its not time to sleep

i am : plz dont wakeup me its early night yaar

lisa : excuse me lezy girl today is our first lecture, i wake up and start to get ready for collage

i am : why you didnt told me early

then we get to our classroom and sit, all students look at us, shookly

i am : is it our class or we sit into wrong class, lisa said class is right, but we are new trupti (teacher come into the classroom) and look at us and ask us, (are you that 5 )

i am : yes we are teacher

🐦mam : dont call me teacher i am sparrow mam, and now you five go and get your magic sticks

magic sticks waithing in library

i am : wait teacher but we come here for diploma not for magic

🐦mam :dont ask me quetions; and do what i tell you that

lisa : okey mam, lets go gays

i am : what happend with us look i come here for diploma but they teach us magic, and is here all teachers are so strick, look now i het this pleace

lisa : its there responsibility, i think we have to enjoy it

we get to the library

i look at teacher & she look at me

🐌mam : you all come for magic sticks, but magic sticks choose you and you are not able to choose sticks, lets start

lisa : i will start first magic stick come here i am lisa

and one magic stick start glowing and come towards her and touch her head and some shinging flow around her (thay mam see her stick and said you got marmaid stick made by marmaids)

jisso : i am second, i am jisso come here my stick ,and her stick start glowing and come towards her and touch her head and sparkle glow her head to toe(then mam see her stick and said your stick made by unicrone horn)

ashwini : next me, i am ashwini come here my stick

and a stick start glowing and bump on her head

ashwini : ouch lightlly its paining

and then lightning start around her body (teacher look at stick and said its made by pegases)

shubhu : and next me, i am shubhu come here now

and stick start glowing and touch her head lightlly and insufficient light come from her body (teacher look the stick and said your stick is made by lava of volcano )

i am : is am i last so lets finished it

i am trupti now come here stick

stick start glowing and hit my head

i am : ahh can you do lightlly (then stick turn into ashe )oh am sorry if i hurt you dear.. stick

and stick regain again and touch my head lightlly and all and White color start glowing then colour change and it start changing again and again and then last colour black and then stick make me a cat 😅 really seriously a cat

(teacher start look at my stick and

said how this stick come here?

i am : meow..make me human what happening with this stick, yaar stick i already said you sorry so why you did this with me, why?

(teacher said while look at me your stick made by grific and phoenix mixture and therefore its whild but why stick choose you,

i am : i dont know and i dont care also now can anyone make me human again? plz

🐌mam : no not now after school you can make her human, this is spell lisa, and what about her cloths and stuff, now you all have to take her responsibility now go back to class and attend it

they all carry my stuff and come front of class,

🐦mam : from here five members are go to library and now you four only come here (all students start looking us) were is fifth member that faty girl

i am : meow, i am here ( all class look down at me

🐦mam : you girls go to take your sticks but now... what happend there, told me now

lisa : actually happend that sticks start choosing us and when her den is come stick start spreading many colours and make her cat

🐦mam : what ! let me see that stick, (she take a look) oh my god who take out her, and she leave from there,.

i jump on banch take a gape like cat and sit there all students are come to see me even boys also

jisso : trupti you look cute when your cat

i am : 😅i think so and resis get start and all start eating and my pleate eatten by my friends,

i am : gays give me some also ,

(and lisa give me, some) thanks

lisa yaar, i am to much hungry,

after that class get end and we start steps towards the hostel but suddnly 🐦mam come front of us

🐦mam : stop right now, tomorrow you all are coming becoz tomorrow your choosing the group now go to hostel and make her human again and send trupti to clean collage or if she didnt come here i will punished her front of class (and she leave)

i am : look i am not going to clean i don't like this collage i want to go my home,

after that we arrive into hostel room and all start discussion while pushing me and look at me wizerdlly, and they all start smrink

i get afraid i know when friends smrinked they gonna do something wrong, i try to run out but ashwini lock the door and shubhu lock the window and all start experiments on me, i start cry and run towards in this all room get messy and then lisa stop them and make me trupti again,

lisa : go you have to clean collage also, anotherlly she will punish you front of class

i am : am not gonna for cleaning now lets go some were

jisso : lets go to explore collage

lisa : okey lets go

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