(Not Every Love Story Has A Happy Ending). Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

OGE (Not Every Love Story Has A Happy Ending).


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Oge, a young lady in her early twenties, goes out to look for a job. So as to fend for her family. She gets a job at a well known graphic company that runs a Daycare. Which is runned by the C.E.O, Joe. Joe meets Oge on the dat she came to get a job. There, Joe and Oge fell in love with each other at first sight. Soon, Joe and Oge became good friends. Oge became deeply in love with Joe. She decides to confess her love to him, but finds out a shocking revelation. Joe's married. Shattered, Oge decides to ignore Joe. But it doesn't work. Joe noticed it and speaks to Oge concerning her behavior. Unable to hide the pain of loving him, Oge decides to tell Joe the truth, so as to set her heart free. Joe is stunned when Oge confesses her love to him. He decided to help her through as a friend. This made Oge happy. But little did she know the plan Joe had for her. *Will Joe let Oge off easily ? *Will he succeed in making Oge his Mistress ? * Will Oge succeed in overcoming her feelings for Joe ? FIND OUT!