8 Final chapter

Warning: read at your own risk

i suggest listening to house of cards while reading this.

Taehyung threw me on the bed harshly. I fell on the bed with 'puff' sound.

He locked the door and closed the curtains, leaving the room dark. " Taehyung... what are you doing? " my voice came out low in fear. I felt the bed dip on my side and felt his hands on my thighs.

" Who is he? " he sounded angry. Is he talking about David?

" Don't tell me you are like this because of David " I huffed and his grip tightened on my thighs..

" I asked you a question " He pulled me closer.

" I just met him. He is just talking " I felt him caress my cheeks with his fingers.

" Doesn't look like talking to me. Are you trying to make me jealous? " My breath hitched when I felt his breath near my neck. I wanted to talk, but I can't speak anything, " I will show you how pissed I am "

He pulled me and kissed me. His lips are moving against mine painfully slow. I started moving my lips in sync with him and heard him grunt.

His hands travelled to my neck, pulling me closer and deepening the kiss. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth fighting for dominance. He pulled away while moving towards the collarbone.

He sucked on the sweet spot and a moan left my mouth, " Taehyung... " he sucked harder leaving dark purple marks.

His hands moved to the strings behind me and soon the top was lying on the ground. His hands moved to my breasts and he started massaging them. I moaned lightly.

" Those are not enough for me. I am going to make you scream my name, " he suddenly turned me around and spanked my butt. I moaned loudly in pain.

He ripped down the panties and turned me around. I was facing him. His fingers moved to my women hood and he started rubbing the clit in circular motions. I arched my back moaning in pleasure, " Taehyung-ah... "

" Not Taehyung. It's daddy to you, kitten, " He moved his fingers faster, making me moan louder. I was so close, but then he stopped. I felt something against my wrist and saw him tying my hands to the headboard.

He kissed me passionately and his hands are roaming all over my body. He started leaving kisses downwards. He kissed my inner thigh before entering two fingers inside me while licking.

I was a moaning mess, " Ah... This is too much " I arched my back as I moaned. He pulled away and removed his shorts. He hovered above me and spread my legs wide.

His tip is near the entrance and he is teasing me. " Ta- " He pushed into me roughly, making me scream. He kissed me trying to keep the pain away.

" Fuck! You are so tight! Urgh!! " He groaned thrusting harder, faster and deeper. The room is filled with our moans. I can feel myself getting closer, " Daddy... I'm close "

" Hold it, " He demanded. He flipped us over and now I'm in doggy style. Without warning, he entered again. He thrust harder and faster while leaving hickeys all over the neck.

As he said I was screaming and moaning, " Daddy... I'm Cumming " I moaned louder.

" Cum for me kitten, " He smacked my butt cheeks and I screamed as I came. I felt him twisting inside me, yet he thrust faster and harder.

" Kitten... I'm Cumming in you, " He said releasing inside me. He untied my wrists. We are both panting hard and covered in sweat, " You are only mine "

He pulled us closer and I smacked his head with the little energy I left, " Ow!! What was that for? " He groaned as he rubbed his head.

" You idiot. David is a gay. He is just talking " I whispered. He grinned, pulling me closer and covering our bodies with a blanket.

" Get some rest. We are going for round 2 in 10 minutes " my eyes widen when he whispered in my ear. Round 2?! Oh no..

Maybe I shouldn't have listened to David.

If I saw him again, I am going to kill him.


~ Few days later ~

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I woke up really early feeling sick. I removed Taehyung's arms around my wait and rushed into the bathroom. I throw up and washed my face. I remembered something.

Wait. Am I perhaps? I started realizing something. We didn't use protection in honeymoon that day.

" Eun Byul... are you okay? " He asked from the other side. I don't know if I really am.

" Yeah, I'm fine " I splashed the water on the face. I waited till he walked away from the door before talking to myself, " First I need the pregnancy test "

I grabbed my hoodie and walked out of the house. I went to the nearest store and grabbed two pregnancy tests. When I walked back home, Taehyung is making juice.

" Where did you go this early? " I shoved the tests in my pocket and just gave him a smile.

" My head is hurting so I went for a walk, " he nodded his head and I went into my bathroom.

I did everything as said in the box and waited. Those 5 minutes felt like centuries. So many thoughts are running in my head.

Am I really pregnant? What happens if I am? Do I have to stop going to work? Am I ready?

I inhaled deeply and took the test in my hands. It is... positive.

How should I tell him? Should I just leave it here and wait for him to find out?

No that would be bad. He might get upset.

How...? Should I ask someone's help?

No! I want to tell him first. Ugh

I grabbed my hair in frustration, " calm down. Stress is not good for the baby " I took a deep breath.

I should just tell him. He even said he wanted kids.

I opened the door and walked to the kitchen. He is standing near the window talking in the phone with his parents.

" Yes, dad. I already called them and cross checked everything " He raised his eyebrow when I stood before him.

I took his hand and placed the test in his hand. He is confused for a moment before looking at it.

His eyes widen and his face broke into a wide grin, " Dad. I will talk to you later. Bye "

He hung up and lifted me up, " I am going to be a dad! " I held onto his shoulders as I laughed at how excited he is.

" Gosh! You are so beautiful " He grabbed my face and kissed me, " I love you. I can't wait to tell everyone "

I chuckled as I saw him calling everyone and telling him the news.

This is my life. Perfect. Him. Me. My children.

I placed a hand on my stomach and caressing it, " Welcome home baby "

The end.


A/N: the story doesn't have to end here. What happened afterwards is all to your imagination.