2 Chapter 2

' Nope '' too short '' colour didn't suit you '' what the hell is that thing? '

This has been going on for the last 2 hours. I tried so many dresses till now and he rejected everything, " this is the last one " I held up the dress before me before going into trail room.

It is a navy blue dress with heart shaped neck. The top part is filled with glittery sequence fading as it goes bottom. I quickly dressed into it and stepped out. Taehyung looked up from his phone and his eyes widen at the sight of me.

" Wow... " He stood up and walked towards me, " just one thing is missing " he clapped his hands and the store manager handed him a something, " stay still "

He stood before leaning towards me. His hands moved to my neck and I felt something cold around my neck.


His hot breath is fanning on my cheeks, " its done " I heard his say as I felt a clasp, " you look gorgeous " He smiled.

I turned to my right and saw myself in the mirror. I look beautiful. The dress fit me correctly and the necklace is matching with everything.

" Pack everything. Let's go, Eun Byul " I nodded my head and quickly changed. He held my hand casually as he walked. It may be nothing for him, but it set everything in me on fire. We walked into the salon, " you know what to do "

I can understand that he is bossy, but I never got to see this side. " You have a nice skin. I don't think it will take more time " the stylist looked at me in the mirror.

" Thank you " I smiled, " if I don't know better, I would have thought you are a couple. You look good together " her statement made me blush. I wish.

I don't know how long it took, but when it is finished I am surprised with my look. My hair is curled at the ends and it was bouncy. My eyes have a combination of blue and silver eye shadow with cat eye. My lips are painted with coral pink.

" I don't think he can take his eyes off you. You are so beautiful " I thanked them and stepped out. Taehyung is standing near the window looking out.

" Taehyung... " I called out for him and he turned around. His mouth was wide open and he looked at me shocked, " Is it weird? " I frowned since he didn't move.

" No! I mean- " he cleared his throat, " You-you look beautiful. I don't mean you don't look beautiful before. You did- it's just- " I giggled when he started stammering, " You know what I mean. Let's go " he started blushing. Cute.

< Time skip - At Party >

I linked my hands with Taehyung as we walked inside. I can see rich and famous people everywhere. As we walked down, I can feel eyes on me following my every movement, " Why is everyone looking at us? "

" Because I get the chance to be with the most beautiful girl " Taehyung winked at me and I rolled my eyes. When did he start flirting with me?

" Next time, tell me something believable " I looked at him.

He was about to say something, but someone interrupted us, " Tae, you came " A tall young man around Taehyung's age stood before us then, his eyes landed on me, " Who is this beauty? "

He is familiar. Oh! Park Jimin.

" This is Eun Byul. My secretary. Eun Byul, this is my friend, Jimin. Heir of Park industries " I looked at Jimin with a smile, " Nice to meet you, Mr. Park "

" Call me, Jimin. The pleasure is all mine " Jimin took my hand and kissed it. He is handsome, but flirt " Tae, everyone is waiting for you. Let's go "

We followed Jimin to the table with another 5 boys. I can recognize their faces.

Min Yoongi, one of the music producer and rapper. I listen to his songs so much.

Kim Seok Jin, CEO of KJ industries. His father was the CEO of Samsung distribution company.

Kim Namjoon, he is a rapper and producer like Yoongi along with Jung Hoseok. They are the best trio.

Speaking of Hoseok, he is an excellent dancer and no one can dance like him. I mean no one.

Last, but not least Jeon Jungkook. He is what you call Ace. He is famous photographer and model like Taehyung.

" Hey. Look who finally showed up " Jin smiled at us before looking at me, " who is this? Your girlfriend? "

I was about to protest, but Taehyung beat me to it. " She is not my girlfriend.... Yet. This is my secretary, Eun Byul "

What does he mean by that? I glanced at him from the corner of the eye before greeting everyone, " it's nice to finally meet you " I smiled at them.

" You don't have to be so formal. Here, take a seat " Hoseok moved a side giving us place to sit.

I was actually enjoying their company until this bitch came. Sorry not sorry.

" Tae Oppa... I missed you " she literally sat on his lap and kissed him on the cheek.

For some reason, the table went silent and I tried my best to not let my smile drop.

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I should have known. He is just playing with me. Who am I to get involved in his life?

Her eyes moved to me, " who is this? " Taehyung opened his mouth to tell her, but I decided to talk, " Hello, I am Go Eun Byul. Mr. Kim's secretary " I gave her a polite smile.

" Hello. I am park Chae young. Jimin's Sister " she is not bad. She is beautiful. Who am I kidding? I suddenly felt the need to leave. You know what, he didn't even push her off his lap.

I stood up from my seat, " You can take my seat, Ms. Park. I am about to leave anyways "

I turned on my heel and walked out of the party. I think I understand who he is. Maybe he was just being nice to me all the time. I am a fool to have feelings for him.

" Stupid girl. Why do you have to fall for someone like him? " I hit my head lightly.

I heard footsteps before someone grabbed my hand and turned me around.

My eyes followed up and I saw Taehyung looking at me, " I will drop you off " his voice is smooth yet edgy.

I gently removed his hands from my hand, " I will take a cab, Mr. Kim. You should go back inside. Everyone is waiting for you "

I turned around and yet again, he grabbed my hand, " No. It's dangerous to go alone. I will drop you off " he didn't wait for my answer and pulled me to his car.

I didn't say anything and looked out of window all the time. I can feel his gaze on me. He pulled over my place and I quickly stepped away.

I turned one last time before going in, " Thank you for today, Mr. Kim "

~ Taehyung's P.O.V ~

She may think she hides it well, but I can see through her. She is disappointed in me. My heart hurts to see her walking out of the party.

" Excuse me. I have to go " I pushed Chae young off my lap and ran in the direction she went, I felt a hand gripping my arm.

" Oppa. Why are you leaving? " Chae young looked at me. I don't have time for this. I am done playing nice. I jerked my hand away from her.

" How many times do I have to tell you to realise that I don't like you? I always tried to not hurt you, but I don't care anymore. I am losing someone special to me because of you. Stop loving me if possible " I saw her eyes whelm up with tears, but I turned my head away and ran in search of Eun Byul.

I grabbed her hand and she turned around, " I will drop you off " she gently removed my hand.

" I will take a cab, Mr. Kim. You should go back inside. Everyone is waiting for you " her words hurt me more than I can imagine.

She was about to turn again, but I held her hand, " No, it's dangerous to go alone. I will drop you off " I pulled to my car.

Do you know what hurt me more? Her eyes. She is hurt because of me.

" Thank you for today, Mr. Kim " with that she turned around and went back into her house.

My phone went off in my pocket and I answered it without looking, " Hello? "

" Tae... I'm sorry about my sister. I don't know she was going to act like that " I heard Jimin's voice from the other side.

" Jimin. Let's talk later. For now, I want to be alone " I hang up and sat in the car looking at her house.

Do you think you can forgive my stupidity, Eun Byul?

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