89 Will You

Tohru's laughter rang in the garden as his eyes looked at the panicking Yanee Lee before him.

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"Boss, you're so good at blackmailing people,"Yanee complained and he threatened to stand up again. 

"What did you call me?"

"I mean Tohru— damn it," Yanee muttered and he laughed again. 

"Why do you sound as if you're cursing at me when you said that?" he prompted with mocked offended expression. 

"Isn't it because I really want to curse at you? You're such a bully," Yanee muttered helplessly but mostly to herself.


"Nothing! I said you're so handsome why don't you sink more into the water?" Then drown— but of course, Yanee wouldn't say that to his face anymore. "I won't call you by your name outside or when we're at work though," she told him defiantly. 

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