160 Who I Really Am...

"It's not really about Jena's life per se,"Tohru answered. "It's more about keeping secrets…"

His eyes that seemed to always been laughing or smiling were now serious that Yanee couldn't decide how to react to his words. In her heart, there was a bit of apprehension and her insecurities that had been sleeping for a while since she accepted Tohru to be her lover resurfaced and she felt cold. 

Secrets? What secrets could he still be keeping from her? She already met his family. She already knew who he was. What else could there be? Unless…

Remembering that Jena's story's life lesson was for him, she felt bad. 

"Are… Are you hiding a love child somewhere?" she asked and Tohru was stumped. 

"A what?" he asked back, unsure that he heard her correctly. 

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"Are you hiding a love child somewhere?" she repeated, this time, more severely that he choked. 

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