32 Wearing Uniforms

Oh. My. God.

Yanee Lee had been standing in front of the mirror for a while now, studying herself. She was wearing the black and sapphire cocktail dress they had bought in the afternoon in Itaewon. She paired it with thin-strapped silver stilettos that matched the small silver purse she held in her hands. She didn't have many accessories aside from the crystal-studded hairclip she had put on to secure her hair in a chignon, her usual thin, white-gold necklace with a small round diamond for a pendant, and the silver ring she wore of her left index finger.

For tonight's occasion, she chose to put on an indoor makeup style that made her already deep set of eyes deeper, the lighter brown color of her eyes popping out more with the smoky hues, partnered with nude lips. All in all, she looked more than alright. In fact, if someone was there with her right now, it could even be said that she's stunning.

But Yanee didn't think so.

Oh. My. God.

She didn't understand but she was starting to be a huge emotional wreck. Why? It's because she just realized where she'd be going and who she'd be seeing.

All the people on her list!

Yanee froze remembering the words "owner", "chairman", "president", and "CEO" from her file and her legs started to feel like jelly.

Intimidating. The event was totally intimidating.

It was one thing to meet them separately during her interviews with them, but to suddenly meet all of those people in one place, she felt she needed a new stomach and heart. She didn't feel so brave at the moment. Aside from Yunjae and Jinho Kang, the rest of the people on the list were strangers to her.

"Can I just pretend that my period came and is cramping like crazy?" she asked her own reflection but she flinched almost immediately at the idea.   

Even if she's so intimidated, she didn't want to do something so unprofessional. Besides, her boss would be there as well.

Speaking of which…

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Yanee looked up at the wall clock at the far end of the room. The potato said he'd pick her up at six in the evening, and it's already the time and he's still not there. However, as soon as she thought about him, the bell to her room rang, and the light in her eyes died.

It's time!

Like a condemned person, she trudged towards the door and opened it. "Boss," she called out as soon as she yanked open the door but stopped in her tracks.

Actually, her boss looked stunned as well as they each stared at one another.

Tohru James looked like a model that stepped directly out of a magazine. It was a good thing she was sane enough not to drool there and then as she snapped herself out of her surprise.

This handsome potato…

She waited for her boss to say or move but he didn't. That's the time she noticed that he had been equally stunned upon seeing her and she felt depressed.

"I know, I look like a mess," she admitted bitterly.

She was aware that a person's appearance was fifty percent confidence. If one felt like shit then he'd look like shit.

Yanee totally felt like that.

"What mess are you talking about? You look fine," Tohru James said afterwards, his eyes shifting from her to the wall behind her in an obvious manner than made her more upset but decided not to call him out. She already knew how she looked anyway.

"Yeah, right," she agreed dismissively as she stepped out of the room to the corridor to join him.   

Tohru then seemed to realize he had been unbelievable earlier. "But it's true. You look more than alright. Actually, you look rather…nice."

Unbeknownst to Yanee, her boss had fought hard to regain his lost brain cells. He had been thoroughly stunned by the sight of her when she opened the door. She had no idea how hard he was trying his best to focus and to keep himself from confessing his feelings towards her then and there.

Yanee sighed. "Thanks," she murmured unenthusiastically as they started to walk on.

Then, as if she just realized something important, she stopped walking and turned to her boss who was walking by her side and frowned.

"What's the matter?" the Potato asked as he stopped and watched as Yanee scrutinized him.

"Boss, isn't that the suit accompanying this dress at the store?" Yanee didn't really pay attention earlier at the boutique, but she had caught a glimpse of the clothing in question.

She was unsure at first, but the smug expression on the Potato told her the answer. The sapphire undershirt and the black suit was definitely the one sold with the dress she was wearing.

"So it is," Tohru James answered easily. "What sharp eyes you have there," he added, and the amusement in the tone of his voice was conspicuous as he started walking ahead.

Yanee had no choice but to follow him.

"But why?" Yanee blurted out the question without thinking.

She nearly smacked her mouth as soon as the words came out. It was one thing to be casually speaking to her superior, but she had been bordering on rude these days. If it were other people who were her boss, she'd have been sacked already.

Yanee Lee, why do you have to be so obnoxious? She questioned herself.

"I-I mean there are other better clothes out there?" she hurriedly added, hoping she'd make up for the faux pas and was totally relieved when her boss looked like he didn't take offense.

"Because it's troublesome to look for something else when it's already there," Tohru answered readily as he turned to her before continuing. "Besides…"

"Besides? "Yanee prompted.

Her boss dangled words like a cliffhanger it was so frustrating. If she hadn't already been rude enough for the day, she'd have told him off a bit.

But Tohru James meant to hold her in suspense until they went down the elevator and crossed the lobby towards the entrance where a black limousine was waiting for them.  They sat facing each other in the car, and her boss gave her a huge grin as soon as the door closed.

"Besides, aren't we from the same company? Just think we're wearing uniforms," the potato said, followed by a wink, leaving Yanee dumbfounded.

"Er… Okay?"

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