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As if noting his sudden depression, the chat group became alive again with comforting messages.

[Anjee: Well, a date is a date.]

[Ash: That's right – and food is love!]

[Nixie: It's just the beginning anyway. You'll go to more places next time.]  

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Tohru smiled at Nixie's message. It meant that in the future when Yanee became more and more comfortable with him, he could take her out anywhere that was more romantic. Also, Anjee was right. A date was still a date regardless of the place as long as they were together – and food was definitely loved!

He and Yanee loved to eat it seemed. They were both foodies, and so the market might not be a bad place for a first date.

[Marian: Ah, little brother, buy me a snack.]

[Yunjae: Marian, Are you planning to be a quasi-light bulb on their date?]

[Ria: Get your husband to buy the snacks for you, alright?]

[Kim: Don't bother your seriously trying to date brother.]

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