92 Ugly Little Thing

"Best editor?" Yanee looked at the potato. But wasn't the best editor… Tohru James? 

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"Yep. Me," Tohru James answered unabashedly as he stared at her. 

"Urgh… You did not even pretend to be humble," Yanee commented making the people laugh even the old man. 

"Why would I need to pretend in front of my family?" he countered and Yanee sighed. 

"Yeah, family," she muttered and a flash of realization appeared in his eyes before Tohru's face became serious. 

"Yanee, this is my home. I'm really with my family," he said and Yanee stared at him disbelievingly. 


Tohru pointed at everyone. "That's my dad and my mom. Marian's my real sister."

She turned her questioning gaze from one person to another. They were all looking at her with excitement but remained quiet, waiting for her to absorb things. 

"You mean…"

The old man smiled as he pointed at himself. "Daddy James."

Then the old lady followed. "Mama James."


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