61 Too Potent

"Ami was the one who prepared your luggage so I don't know what's in them. But the boss said, if you miss something, just tell him and he'll happily get it for you."


Yanee studied Chummy's face but didn't see anything amiss. It meant that she was telling the truth and was not messing with her. "Oh, no. There's no need. I'll check it and buy what's missing myself."

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"Are you sure?" Chummy prompted.

"Yeah. In any case, if it's Ami who packed my suitcase then I'm sure she didn't miss anything." If ever, Yanee knew her sister would have packed more than she'd need. Ami was a worrywart. If there would be a problem, it would be the opposite. When her sister traveled, she'd bring the whole house if she could even for an overnight stay.

"I'm honestly even scared to see how big my luggage would be," Yanee confessed with a problematic expression, making Chummy laugh.

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