95 Too Lethal

"Ah, lotus roots tempura!" the authors crowed in delight as their food was served. 

They were at a kaiseki restaurant and the food was all elegant and colorful. The subtle aroma of the dishes also wafted into the air that seduced their appetite. In no time, they were all digging in on their food and finished their trays. 

"Sorry, we seem like piglets to you right now. But we haven't enjoyed Japanese food in a while," Bajj apologized. 

Yanee and Tohru exchanged looks. "Er… Don't you live in Tokyo?"

Why haven't they eaten Japanese food when they lived in Japan? 

The other author laughed at their expressions. 

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"Bajj, what are you talking about? We eat Japanese food all the time," Rui said as her eyes danced in mischief. "Cup noodles in the morning, afternoon, and evening. That's Nissin and it's Japanese."


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