121 Together

"Sometimes, we need to slow down so we can appreciate the view more, no?"

Instead of being whisked off her feet by a tornado of emotions, Yanee preferred to slowly fall in love. 

"Hmmmmnn…" Tohru hummed his agreement as he held her hand. 

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The coldness caused by her panic that Yanee felt in her system slowly ebbed away. It was replaced by a gentle feeling that was as warm as their clasped hands. 

"I can't promise not to mess with your mind though. I was told I was too charming for my own good sometimes," he suddenly said as he squinted at her face followed by a mischievous grin, and Yanee's love meter just hit the roof. 

If it were possible to emit smoke from her head, she'd have done it. 

This flirty potato... 

"I take it back. I don't want to try anymore," Yanee deadpanned making Tohru laugh, knowing that she was just teasing him back. 

"I'll behave, I'll behave," he cajoled, and peace returned between them. "I'm sorry, honey."

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