157 There Can't Be A Bride Without A Groom

"Sister, what's that scary face so early in the morning?" Yanee asked teasingly as she and Tohru approached. "You'll make Tohru think we have blood of a Doberman."

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Actually, Tohru thought of a Chihuahua instead since Ami was totally petite, seven inches shorter than Yanee, even if she was the elder sister. But of course he didn't say anything. She might be small but Tohru heard his sister-in-law could easily throw him to the ground with her martial arts. 

"You're complaining?" Ami countered, and as expected, both Yanee and Tohru shook their heads. 

No complaints.

Ami studied the two of them for a while before a smile broke from her face and she nodded. 

"Good. Let's go find food. I'm hungry," she announced and the two sighed in relief knowing Ami was just teasing them with her blackened face. 

"Big sis, this is Tohru James," Yanee shyly said as she pulled Tohru next to her as if to present her to her sibling. "My… boyfriend."

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