87 There's No Rush

"Oh my lord…"

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Yanee Lee stared flabbergasted at the grinning Marian. Then, she tried to recall the sweet and quiet young man who she met at the party back in South Korea. Liam Kang, Jinho Kang's younger brother was an epitome of a very calm albeit sweet man. Who would have thought that… 

Both Marian and her husband were… dorks. 

"What do you think?" Marian asked eagerly. "How's my story, huh?" 

"That was a rollercoaster of misunderstandings, frustrations, and craziness. But I don't know it's also cute in a way but it's the kind of feeling that makes one cry or laugh or both."

Actually, while listening to Marian earlier, Yanee did just that. 

Immaculate conception…

Accusing her friend as the father of her baby… 

Marian's brain surely worked amazingly different. 

"You must be thinking that I'm such an airhead," Marian said, and Yanee slipped in the hot spring and sank. "Yanee!" 

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