156 The Sister-In-Law

The flight from Seoul to Tokyo early next morning came and Yanee couldn't even remember much of it. One was because it only took an hour of travel, two was because she was thinking so many happy thoughts— bubbling with it that she didn't realize the plane had already landed until she felt the plane stop. 


Yanee smiled as she took out her phone and looked at the photo Jisoo sent to everyone last night. It was a photo of a teary-eyed Yushin posing with a smiling Jisoo as they both held the ultrasound of their baby. 

It seemed that when Jisoo returned from her hotel room yesterday afternoon, she had sneaked behind her unknowing husband as he prepared for the function. But as soon as Jisoo showed him her laboratory report, the shocked daddy-to-be picked up his wife and rushed her to the hospital for an impromptu scan. They both never attended the function in the end.

And then they took this lovely photo afterwards… 

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