116 The Little Bride

"She asked me to try them on and take pictures. Will that be okay?" 

Silence met her question as everyone looked at her in surprise. Yanee was starting to feel awkward when both Marian and Mrs. James clapped their hands and their eyes filled with stars as they smiled. 

"That's a great idea!"

"Er…right,"Yanee didn't know why they thought so but she just agreed. 

She needed to do it anyway so it's better if they cooperated with her since she couldn't wear the kimonos alone. Aside from the heavy fake wig that felt more like a helmet than hair, the dress itself was layers and layers of paddings, cords, and jackets. There was no way she could do what Ami wanted on her own. 

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Mrs. James didn't waste time. As soon as the manager came out from the backroom carrying a pure white shiromuku wedding kimono, she informed her of what Ami asked Yanee to do, and she was more than delighted to assist her. 

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