162 The Lee Family

"Girl, if you wiggle too much you will lose all your eyebrow," Chummy warned and like magic words, Yanee immediately froze on the spot and let her friend finish cleaning her brows. 

"What did you eat that made you suddenly want to do this anyway?"Yanee asked. 

They were supposed to work on their notes but Chummy got totally distracted looking at her face that she suddenly wanted to trim her brows. Well, it's been two days since Yanee had last bothered to pretty herself and she's aware that she needed trimming but not as bad as Chummy seemed to think it was. 

"Who told you to let yourself become a gorilla when you start working at home? Huh?"Chummy countered as she finished shaving some part and trimming with the scissors. 


Yanee scowled. "Ya! Cynthia Tan, gorilla is too much."

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"Okay, chimpanzee then," Chummy retorted breezily and she agilely stepped aside to avoid being hit by Yanee's flying hand. 

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