122 The James Family

"Yanee, are you alright?"

Yanee Lee turned to see Marian walking towards her with worry in her eyes. The two of them were in the corridor waiting for the others. They were about to go to the restaurant to have dinner. 

"Yeah," she answered and was amused when Marian scrutinized her face as if wondering if she's telling the truth, and she laughed but the other was not amused. 

"Did you have a fight with the little brother?" the older woman suddenly asked surprising Yanee. 

"No. We didn't," Yanee answered. She wondered why she thought of that. 

"I see," Marian nodded thoughtfully. "Come to think of it, the little brother wouldn't dare try to argue with you. He's so whipped," she snickered and Yanee laughed.

"Do I look as if I just argued with someone?" she asked suddenly feeling conscious. But Marian shook her head. 

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