181 The Boyfriend

"He's not a closet gay, is he?" 

Tohru James was beyond speechless. He told them Yanee's boyfriend was whipped to assure them that he was a gentle and caring guy who'd always listen to his girl. He didn't expect it would backfire like a poop bomb on his face. 


"Mother-in-law, I'm a certified straight stallion— one of the most eligible ones too," he complained in his mind. 

Of course, it's something he couldn't just blurt out and tell them without Yanee's presence. Letting her parents know about their relationship was something Yanee was supposed to do. It was the correct thing. It was why, regardless of how much he'd want to come out and tell them to avoid further misunderstandings, he had to just persevere while he waited for Yanee to finish interviewing Anjee. 

He just hoped they wouldn't take forever. He side-eyed the giggling Chummy to make her stop laughing. He gave her a stare as if to tell her 'weren't you supposed to be my sidekick?'

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