65 Tell Me What To Do

"I live in Kyoto. I have clothes in my house."

Oh? Yanee was at first surprised, and then she realized she'd been so forgetful. The potato hailed from Kyoto – at least his mother was from there.

"Have you forgotten?" Tohru James asked as he pouted, making her give him a sheepish smile.

"Sorry," she apologized.

How could she have forgotten? She did the interview with him – ah but it's because Tohru James grew up with his father's side of the family in California. He only mentioned about his mother living in Kyoto in passing. It's why she didn't remember. But it was unprofessional of her and rude to have forgotten since she did the interview not long ago.

"Ah, that's so sad. I didn't know someone like myself was easily forgotten," Tohru continued and Yanee's guilty feeling turned to annoyance.

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I already apologized you pouty potato…

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