154 Sugar & Spice 3: The Birthday Gift

Sohyang shrieked on the other end and Jisoo looked totally apologetic. She didn't understand after all. 

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"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she said over and over. She already failed on that. "What to do now?" she asked and she heard Sohyang sigh.

"Go back to your husband feed him good food and wine then make him show you his birdie and show him your bun, and then make up. Idiots!" Sohyang told her as she ended the call.

With a pout, Jisoo helplessly put her phone on the table and sighed before she took the plate of sushi in her hands. 

"Feed him then make him show his birdie…" she muttered as she placed a practiced 'seductive' look Sohyang taught her earlier on her face before she marched back towards the dining room.

On the other hand, one husband sat worriedly as he waited for his wife to return with an indifferent cockatoo on his lap.

"What's taking her long?" Yushin wondered out loud just as Jisoo came back carrying a plate of sushi. 

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