153 Sugar & Spice 2: Attack of the Innocent Seductress


Sohyang watched her big sister bawl over with a weary expression on her face as she leaned over, her elbow propped on the table, her chin in her palm. When her sister was being such a crybaby, there was no stopping her— and Jisoo had been crying her heart out for a good hour over ice cream and cake which her sister brought with her when she barged in her apartment earlier.

When it seemed Jisoo was about to choke or something, Sohyang pushed the box of tissue towards her and sighed. 

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"Big Sis, you told me earlier you need my help. How can I help you when you won't stop wailing like an ambulance?"

With this, she was a little relieved that Jisoo finally stopped caterwauling and started to stifle her sobs.

Thank God, Sohyang thought as she tapped her ear. Her eardrums hurt earlier from too much noise. 

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