152 Sugar & Spice 1: Ugly Bun

"I don't understand," Yanee said as she looked at Jisoo quizzically. 

"It means that when two people meet, fall in love, and get married, that's only the prologue. The real story begins after the two get married," the older lady answered. 

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A soft smile curved Jisso's lips as she looked thoughtful. She was probably remembering the past. 

"For most people, mine and Yushin's story seemed like a fairytale come true. A prince and a princess who grew up together ended up married," she said. "But you know, Yanee, even if two people truly love each other and genuinely want to make each other happy, there will always be a time when doubts enter the hearts. When there is doubt, there will be fear, and there will be desperation. Even if there's really nothing to worry about, it's human and it's normal to think and doubt sometimes most especially when things are always smooth sailing."

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