117 Striking UP A Deal

"Please tell little Tohru that my shop will provide a shiromuku wedding kimono for his little bride for free…"

"I have to ask Yanee and Tohru first," Mrs. James said though she felt her son would agree. 

"I'll add a hikifurisode too," the manager added which sounded generous. 

But in fact, it wasn't. She'd definitely ask Yanee to tell Ami to advertise her shop and knowing Yanee's sister's records, they'd sell more. 

"Ah, you really have to ask Yanee or Ami first. I have no power over their business so I can't make a decision on their behalf," Mrs. James said cajolingly when the manager looked at her in appeal. 

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She's not someone who did not enjoy freebies even if she rolled on money, but she didn't want to make a decision over something like this, even if she could make a request that Yanee would be pressured to give in. She's not the type of mother like that and she definitely wouldn't be the type of mother-in-law like that.

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