149 Someone Like you 5: Never Again

It's been a month since JT and I got together, but I found myself getting more and more restless with each passing day. I even started calling him by his name now: Jason.

No, we were not fighting. In fact, our relationship has gotten so much better, now that we were both open in our relationship. We could do what we want together; say what we wanted, and so on. But, there was something that I strongly felt that I had to do…soon.

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"Jason, darling, when can I see your manager?" I asked casually one time. 

We were in our kitchen, having snacks. Since I didn't really attend his actual job for our company, I never had a chance to encounter his manager at work before. Now that JT and I were together, I started hanging out at my lover's assignments, but Han was never there. For an actor as famous as JT, I found the lack of his manager's presence at work very unusual.

The glass Jason lifted stopped a few centimeters from his lips as he gave me a frown.

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