146 Someone Like You 3: The Reunion

I was and still am a person filled with regrets, I thought to myself as I chugged down my umpteenth glass of unknown beverage. After my third shot of juice laced with wine, I've stopped counting, which was unusual of me. I knew the reason why I was restless however. After all, I was in a restaurant supposedly having fun with old classmates and high school acquaintances. However, I couldn't find myself enjoying at all. No, not at all…

"Big Sis Nixie, why do you look so restless?" 

I looked up and met a pair of huge doe eyes framed with raven fringes which were mirror images of mine. Hana, my younger cousin looked like my younger sister than my actual sister they said, having the same fragile frame and translucent white skin I never appreciated regardless of what pretty words people said about it. In fact, I hated my looks so much I especially wore drab clothes and thick framed glasses for this event. Having enough of her face, I turned away.

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