145 Someone Like You 2: A Coward

That evening, as we ate at a chic restaurant, I steadily watched JT as he took over the conversation. We talked about everything and nothing at all. He shared his experiences in his travels and food, but I noticed that he never said anything about himself which gave me no idea whatsoever about the enigma which was him. He asked a lot about me, however, but like him, there were some things that I'd rather not talk about. Even so, I couldn't resist asking him about his unexplained attachment to me.

"Why," I started speaking, and my throat caught when those almond eyes zeroed on me.

I couldn't get used to that intense gaze no matter how often I've spent time with him. For a moment there, I thought my voice would fail me. If he hadn't smiled at me encouragingly, urging me to continue speaking I might not be able to speak anymore.

"Why me?" I asked, and I watched as one of his brows arched in question.

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