144 Someone Like You 1: The Nerd & the Superstar

It was early in the evening and I just finished my work for the day. The steady whirring of the air-conditioning system reverberating throughout the whole room was drowned out by my own humming, as I leaned back on my seat. 

The tiring day's finally over as I half-closed my eyes, only to open them again, and the hustling and bustling sound of the busy street fifteen stories below reached my ears. I lifted myself up from the chair and trudged towards the window, my palms spread against the glass, my nostalgic doe eyes peering outside, and my humming turned into a soft song as I reminisced.

I loved Broadway music. 

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"I peer through windows, watch life go by

Dream of tomorrow and wonder why…"

The song was the first stanza to one of the songs in my favorite Broadway musical Jekyll and Hyde. I didn't know why, but, lately, I always found myself spacing out and singing this song. It was as if it's the theme song of my life. 

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