120 Slow Down & Appreciate the View


Yanee should have known her sister would do something as contact Tohru as soon as she found out she had a boyfriend. It seemed Ami was still worried about her. After all, coming out of that slump was such a horrible, unbearable period she'd rather not much visit even in thoughts. 

"Honey?"Tohru called out and Yanee looked at his worried face and she sighed. 

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"Since you already know I have panic attacks why did you overwhelm me?" 

Overwhelmed her with what exactly?

Illegally handsome potato that spouted cheese… delicious— er…dangerous, dangerous. 

"Well…"Tohru looked sheepish again. "I was told that you're also super pessimistic and loved to run away. If I give you enough space to overthink things I was worried you'd choose to run away from me."


But wait!

"Who told you that?" she frowned. But then again, she already had an idea even without asking. 

Cynthia Tan A.K.A. Chummy A.K.A. Ex-BFF! 

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