161 Slow But Not Stupid

"You're so silly. I already know that."

Yanee was now so relieved. She had thought it was some other huge secret that would shock her. 

"You do?" Tohru looked surprised. 

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"Why are you so shocked? I may be slow most of the time but I'm not entirely stupid," she told him matter-of-factly. 

"When did you find out?" This time, when relief had also washed over him, his curiosity took over. 

He had thought he'd been very careful to hide his real identity not just to her but to everyone. He was curious to know how she found out. 

"Back in Kyoto when you told me that your family is Arcus. But I only have suspicions then. But little by little it became clear," she said and he was curious again.


"Well, who's going to let someone randomly buy an entire company just to get a girl?" she asked teasingly making Tohru's lips twitch in amusement. "It's either you're a spoiled rich son or someone in the position to do so."

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