97 Secretly Crazy About You

"Honey, have you ever read any psychological stories or books about mental health?" 

"Ha?"Yanee wondered what the potato was up to now. 

Was he wondering that his flirting did too much damage on her mental health? Well, she had to agree to that to some degree. But being asked like this was still… 

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"No, no, no— honey, don't misunderstand," he said in a hurry. 

"What shouldn't I misunderstand?" she quizzed. 

"It's not for you, okay? Even if I know you're secretly crazy about me," he answered with a smile and she raised a brow at him to signal his impending murder so he'd explain. "I mean it helps with writing. This will be the first time you'll ever write a book. It helps to know about psychology to be able to build characters better." 

"Oh, you mean consistency on characteristics?" Yanee asked and Tohru nodded. 

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