66 Sea of Confusion

"So?" Tohru James prompted.

His pair of serious light brown eyes bored into hers, waiting for her answer. In all honesty, he hadn't planned on confessing today. But after his talk with chummy, he realized that if he kept things dragging without at least being honest about some things, he would ruin his chances in the future. By then they would all be in too deep into the lie and the chance that Yanee would hate him when she found out was bigger.

He didn't want that.

As he looked at her, he noticed how she seemed to wish this thing was not happening at all and he could understand. He even sympathized with her. She had a lot of work to do and then out of the blue, her boss suddenly dropped a bomb on her.

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Romantic bomb.

But her boss was on the desperate side so he hoped she would forgive him.

"Unlike your interview with me previously, this time, I will answer all of your questions about me from now on," he added.

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