115 Sanjo & Shijo Streets

"My sister asked me to buy all kinds…" 

"Oh? All kinds?" Mrs. James looked delighted that her eyes had diamonds in them as she clasped her hands together. 

Yanee nodded. Chummy interviewed Ami before and discussed about weddings so she had some idea why her sister wanted to have weddings kimonos. 

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"Yes. Shinto style weddings are becoming less and less popular in the past few years. Before it was seventy percent, but now it's down to twenty. My sister wants to bring back its popularity during the expo," she said. 

"That's right. Most couples these days prefer to have western wedding ceremonies," Mrs. James agreed. She looked thoughtful for a while before beaming. "The places we'll visit will have everything you need."

Er… Yanee wanted to say it's for her sister not her, but just stayed quiet since Mrs. James looked so happy. 

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