12 Royal Treatment

"Don't worry. The accommodation's all from our sponsor. They're eager for this project so you have to work hard in return."

Yanee Lee's legs gave in from under her as the tension in her body left upon hearing these words. For the longest time since arriving, she had really thought that there was some kind of a mix up somewhere and that she was receiving service meant for someone else.

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"Alright boss, I'll let you know the result of the interview with Mrs. Kang later," she said as she ended the call with her boss.

"Sponsor, huh?"

Yanee's chocolate eyes wandered around the elegant room once more as she tried to analyze which lovely sponsor would bother giving her the royal treatment over a book that's not yet even sure to succeed – and at Grand Blue Hotel to boot!

The hotel was a very popular place for its grandeur and sky-high rate. Most people who came there to stay were rich and popular like actors and actresses or business moguls and diplomats.

And then, it hit her…

"Wait a minute…."

She scrambled to her feet as she reached out for the folder lying on her bedside table. The list of the people she would be interviewing was there and she scanned it again as soon as she got it.

"Let's see…."

Yunjae Kang, Ash Li, Ria Chen, Marian Kang, Jena So, Nixie Tan, Kim Song, Jae Jung, Jisoo Park, Anjee Choi…


Yanee's eyes zeroed in on one of the names on the list and sighed. She should have known. 

Jisoo Park, the wife of Yushin Park, president, and owner of Grand Hotels Group.

No wonder she got special treatment. One of the people she'd interview was the First Lady of Grand Hotels. Yanee was amazed. But what was more astounding was the fact that she was willing to be interviewed about her personal life.

"Isn't that potato amazing?"Yanee wondered out loud. To be able to have these impressive women participating in the making of a romance book was undoubtedly an incredible feat.

She couldn't help but think about Tohru James' background again but came up empty. During their interview, aside from education and hobbies, he didn't say much about his family, and she was not able to pry for more information since it was stated in the contract that the celebrity editor could cancel the interview the moment that Yanee broke the rules.

Oh well…

It's none of her business anyway. The potato, regardless of how handsome he was or how remarkable he was at work was just her boss. There was no point in trying to find out how he's connected with all the people on the list. She should just feel grateful that because of this connection, her work was already half-done.


Yanee glanced at her watch and saw that it's still a bit early to prepare for her meeting with Yunjae Kang. She didn't really have anything to do so she decided to take an hour nap instead to relax. She had been stressed the whole morning with Tohru, going over her sudden trip and assignment that she just realized now that she was exhausted.

As soon as she lay down on the soft, silky bed, she slipped into a dreamless sleep – something she hadn't had for a while. It was brief, but the tiredness of the day faded away. When she woke up around an hour later, she took a shower and dressed smartly.

Yunjae Kang was a housewife. Normally, Yanee didn't have to be dressed to the nines – well she still wasn't, but she chose to dress properly as respect. She was still technically at work, even if the place was different.

After getting ready, Yanee Lee went down to the lobby, planning to get a cab to take her to the café where she'd meet with Mrs. Kang. However, just as she was picked up by the hotel's service car from the airport, she was informed by the receptionist that a car had been arranged to take her to the meeting place.

At first, she was worried again, but remembering what Tohru told her about the sponsors calmed her down.  She did a pep talk with herself as soon as she got in the car. Instead of worrying about everything, she should take this opportunity to have fun as this type of royalty treatment wouldn't happen again in her life.

Soon, the car stopped in front of Sum Island Café, and Yanee got off. She was instructed to call the driver as soon as she's finished with business and the car would take her back to the hotel. She smiled and said her thanks before entering the establishment and her eyes sparkled with appreciation.

The venue of the meeting, Sum Island Café was like a library, art gallery and café all rolled into one. The dark wood elements in the interior design and the obscure green shelves reminded her of a British style library in the 1950s. It was the same design as the café she saw in a western film and had fallen in love with the décor. She found it elegant and she bet that this place was a haven for booklovers.

"Nice," she uttered under her breath as she continued to study the surroundings when she spotted a very beautiful woman with  long, raven hair and very pale complexion sitting at an obscure place near the back. She wore a dark blue pencil cut one-piece dress partnered with a cream-colored vest. Her face was like a pixie's although she couldn't see her much as her eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses.

Even if Yanee was a woman, she was starstruck by her beauty. Yanee wondered if the woman was on a date and was silently wishing her a happy day in her mind when the woman turned to her direction with a smile and waved.


Yanee turned around to check behind her to see if there was someone the woman was waving to. But there was none. She was the only one who stood in that area by the stairs, and so she got confused.

A soft chuckle assailed her ears as the woman finally removed her sunglasses, and Yanee saw a familiar face.

"Ms. Yanee Lee? It's me," the beautiful lady said, rendering Yanee speechless.

Yunjae Kang, her first interviewee.

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