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ONE OF THE BEST! If you are looking for a fun smooth reading, you found the right book! I just love Yanee and her silly train of thoughts. but don’t get me wrong because she’s a smart and strong female lead. Plus our hot sweet potato Male Lead 🍠 Characters felt super real I wanted to be part of their circle. Hehe. And chapters are worth my time 🙌🏻👏🏻 and coins 🙌🏻 Overall, I have no complaints about this and will keep following it until the last chapter. You will understand this review if you start reading it now 🙈


5 stars.... My first... 😊 Anyway, for light read and feel good feeling, this story is for you. It may be cliché ish to some, but hey, we need some relaxing novels that after the end will give the fluttering feeling instead of a heavy heart. I felt the heart wrenching moments, kinda expected it but nevertheless felt the tug in the heart that a good writer gives. The mere fact that the antagonist did not come from a bitter step something or a jealous sibling but instead the famy bond here is so heartwarming earned the 5 stars from me


This is a very new style of book and I’m absolutely hooked can’t wait for more updates!! Good job on the author for writing this book. I already ship Yanee and Tohru hehe so can’t wait to see what happens between them


Hahah, people finding difficult justice to one love story and here author giving multiple great ones in one book. Each story is truly enjoyable, totally keeping hooked. One story coonsisting of multiple smaller ones. I like the how the stories are light-hearted but at the same time gripping.


I absolutely love this book can’t wait for more chapters. Cannot wait to hear more of the stories to come. I hope yanee sees that true love can be found.


It was a short novel but very informative and heartwarming... There was a conflict and a resolutuon. The confrontation between the two leads at the end is a tear jerker and emotional... This is nice book. Keep it up author!


Yanee ..... her name so asia.. in Indonesia is one of common name but the spelling would be Yani. Pronouncation same. Her character is unique here. I would love to see when she falls hard for Tohru. Tohru ..... a rich man oh Boy.. how a rich man chase after girl. No boundaries when it came to expenses i see. Plot .... so far is good. The pace not too slow nor too fast.. just at the right pace. The first love story so beautiful.. can't wait for other stories of Tohru so called brothers


5 stars!! This is the first time I’ve given full starts I think, but I really have lottle critique to give. Of course, things can be fine-tuned and improved, but on Webnovel, you’ve reached a level that hits all checkboxes. The two leads are fleshed out well, the writing and story is immersive and hooks enough to want to know what happens next. Good amount of detail, and the ******* is really nice. I look forward to seeing the butterfly’s return hehe. Only other thing I’ll point out is who are the other names mentioned with Yuan? Yuan is her child, and I’m guessing it’s with Jinho, but why did she have to call her husband? She’s married but Yuan was the one she was talking to? Clarification on that was missing some what. I imagine though with future chapters I’ll grasp it better.


this is amazing .this is very unique as a writer i know it is very difficult to writ a different and a rom com book so it will not be boring.actually it has a hole unique concept.i will suggest this book to evry one .please keep updating ,i am waiting for next chapter.the male lead and fl is really coll.i also like the short stories as well..please kepp updaiting.😍😍😍😍😍


I really like this novel but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It not the usual face slapping, back stabbing drama that most novels in webnovel has. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s not over-complicated. It gives a relax vibe and doesn’t add to my stress.


I am looking for a new novel and voila!!! I get hooked by the synopsis. Reading chapter 1 and super duper love it. Please keep writing, Author.... Please....


This book is great, I couldn't put this down for longer than an hour. Thank you for writing this book and putting your heart into it. I recommend this to everyone.


I am hooked and cant stop reading this book. Good job author on the characters of this book. It's got a lot of depth.


This is such a good story. Please read. I love the story plot it's so good it's amazing. Really recommend. The characters are amazing as well I really like them as well. 😊


I won’t give out details but this book is amazing to read I love the way the write brings it out and the way I t being is amazing especially because I can’t write on here good 


The female lead is really amazing and funny lady especially with her training and interviews. It is a great novel 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😘


Oh god this book is very good 👌 it's a smooth book ❤️ love it 😍. Author you are really thoughtful ❣️ lol keep writing many more.


I never thought i could enjoy this novel. It’s breath of fresh air😁. I was looking for a story that deals with revenge, face slapping, family feud, power struggle and blah! blah! or other cliche stories in here in webnovel.


Exciting story that hooked me to read 30 chapters in one sitting. The theme is inspiring and encouraging for a reader to be in love. Likewise, it fosters the essential elements of love relationship.


I like this potato,hehehe i mean the story,, i am enjoying it so much but the chapters are so delayed in updating that i almost forgot what the story is all about.thank you,anyway❤❤❤