94 Please Bother Us

"Yes," Yanee murmured as she sipped on her glass then placing it back down. "Like the sudden takeover of Niji of my company?"

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If she had her phone camera on, she'd have loved to take a photo of the startled potato right at that moment. True enough, her hunch was correct. Tohru James had something to do with the takeover of her company. She looked at his face, taking in any shift in his expression. 

Her heart was pounding, wondering if he would lie to her or not. On one hand, she was hoping that she was just being overly paranoid, but on the other, she knew she already found out the truth. She was hoping he'd tell her everything. If not…

Yanee smiled bitterly. Trust, it was really so hard to give. This was the reason why she didn't dare try to see something more in anyone's gestures no matter how strangely good they might be. But…

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