125 Pillar Of Support

"What are you smiling at?" Yanee asked with a pout. 

Tohru raised a brow in her direction but he didn't look angry. He however, looked very much aggrieved. "What? I already can't tell others about my girlfriend and now I can't smile when I'm happy too?"

Yanee raised an eyebrow back. Although she felt a bit sorry for him, she didn't want to compromise on the topic of their relationship being known to other people. Before arriving at the office, she had already told Tohru about it. 

It's not that she totally didn't want others to know that they're together. It's just that aside from Chummy, she didn't want the rest of the people at the office to know about them— at least, not yet.

"Are you complaining?" she asked him softly and almost immediately, he shook his head. 

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He stepped closer and pulled her in his embrace. "I'm just teasing you, honey. I really understand your concern."

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